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MAC offers a variety of training classes to help you create or grow your business. View the calendar for a complete schedule of upcoming classes and workshops.  To learn more, call 520-620-1241 or register online for one of our free weekly orientation sessions.

Orientations in English are offered every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m.
Orientations in Spanish are held every Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

Introduction to Business Ownership

This course is an excellent choice for the individual who is less familiar with the business world or whose business idea is not yet fully developed. In one session, participants will become informed about the basics of running a successful business. The importance of planning and researching a business idea will be introduced. Tips on how to be an effective business owner will be covered as well as an introduction to finances. Many participants will go on to complete the Business Planning Course as the next step in launching their business.

Business Planning Course: Steps to Business Success

Our  Business Planning Course: Steps to Business Success,  covers all key elements of planning a successful business with its three business planning clusters:

1. Business Organization and Concept Development
2. Planning and Marketing
3. Financial Development

This is a program with flexible and rotating schedules; culminating in the development of a fully professional business plan. This course has been designed to address mistakes and issues leading to small business failures. Unlike other business training courses, MACs course helps businesses plan for the next steps, whether a start-up or an established business. Mac can help turn business ideas into a professional business plan, ready for implementation with the support of a business consultant.

Enrollment in the Business Planning Course includes individual counseling with the instructor during the ten weeks of instruction in English or Spanish. Each cluster consists of four 4-hour sessions. The class time is scheduled on Saturday mornings to allow flexibility to the weekly schedule of business owners.

Cluster 1: Business Organization and Concept Development - covers company overview and business law; industry analysis and competition; and, target market tactics

Cluster 2: Planning and Marketing- covers  marketing plan; management and operations; goals and objectives; and, strategic planning.

Cluster 3: Financial Development- covers profiting from financial statements; product/services pricing strategies; key performance indicators; and, financial overview and projections.

An overview session will cover a summary of key points from all three clusters for effectively managing or starting a business.

See  calendar for next scheduled cluster or call 520-620-1241.

QuickBooks for Small Business

Our three-part series on QuickBooks offers hands-on, user-friendly computer lab sessions supplemented with financial management lectures to give you the training required to manage your small business financials.

Level 1 – Intro to QuickBooks
Level 2 – Intermediate QuickBooks
Level 3 – Advanced QuickBooks

Seating is limited, so registration is required. Call 520-620-1241 to learn more about our upcoming series.

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