Microbusiness Advancement Center (MAC)

Helps individuals in Tucson and southern Arizona realize their goals of starting, funding or growing their business by providing quality training, consulting and access to capital. Partially funded by the US Small Business Administration, MAC provides programs in both English and Spanish. Our staff represents 200 years of combined experience in banking and lending, business, technology, venture capital, exporting, entrepreneurship, and business consulting. Moreover, our affiliation with national organizations augments our own deep professional and academic knowledge for business development guidance.



Services provided by MAC include:

Business Consulting

  • Assessing client needs, strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business mentoring
  • Assisting clients with business plan research and development


  • Training in marketing and public relations
  • Managing state and local regulations and permitting


  • Loan assistance to help gain access to capital

We provide a wide range of low-cost or free training programs and events, assistance with procurement requirements, adopting technological advancements, and a host of services and information to Tucson residents and businesses.


Counselors meet with potential clients to assess their needs and discuss goals and objectives for the client’s business. Counselors maintain ongoing communications and support as needed.


Trainers are interested in sharing their expertise at a MAC class, or conducting a workshop on their own.  MAC workshops are usually 2 to 3 hours in length.


Mentors provide one-on-one time with clients to help them achieve business goals. Mentors meet with a client for a few weeks working on a specific task, or for a whole year or longer depending on the goal(s) of the client.

MAC invites business professionals and owners to donate their time and expertise to assist emerging and existing business owners.  Volunteers make meaningful contributions by volunteering time as Counselors, Trainers or Mentors. Contact MAC at 520-620-1241 to become a volunteer today.


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